Pembrokeshire Association of Community Transport Organisations (PACTO) was established in 2004, to bring together, strengthen and represent the community transport sector in Pembrokeshire.  We are a registered charity and a company limited by guarantee.

Community Transport services help people and groups who don't have access to their own transport and who don't have or can't use conventional public transport services.

Active members of PACTO are:



PACTO has developed a Forward Plan, setting out the priorities for developing community transport services in Pembrokeshire.

The Forward Plan:

  • Creates a framework within which individual PACTO member organisations can develop their own services, without duplication or competition between schemes.
  • Identifies opportunities for schemes to work together and gaps where new initiatives are needed.
  • Is used to support funding bids and to enable us to respond strategically to new funding opportunities as they arise.
  • Helps us explain our priorities to others and set realistic expectations of what we hope to achieve by when.
  • Guides the work of the Community Transport Development Officer.

Our seven strategic aims are:

  1. To improve awareness about the community transport services that are available.
  2. To improve the experience of using community transport services in ways that do not lose the personal touch.
  3. To improve the long term financial sustainability of community transport in Pembrokeshire.
  4. To increase, share and better coordinate the resources available to the CT sector.
  5. To develop new ideas and services in response to identified needs.
  6. To work in partnership with, and promote good practice within, the public and commercial sectors.
  7. To monitor and evaluate services and developments.

For further information, please contact the Community Transport Development Officer on: 01437 776550.



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